What are we about?

“It’s not color, its culture.” 

To be honest, if that didn’t go over your head and entering this store excited you and gave you the feels of being in your neighborhood corner store, then you get it. We are here to remind you of all the wonderful things the world will try and make you forget about in reference to our favorite culture. Growing up on the southside of Chicago, I realized how some of the most beautiful people come from the most adverse situation. We are here to pay homage, show our admiration, love, and support to every block, neighborhood, and city that grew roses out of the concrete. Regardless of what they tell you, no one will love like the people who look like you. This store is a love project and the one thing you can learn about us is that only moves will be made when our heart is in it. 

moral of the story is that we are a black owned business here to celebrate our culture and our people. 

Enjoy, thank you for stopping by, come back see us again soon.

For y’all, by me.




Our Neighborhood

Neighborhoods by definition are areas which people live in and interact with one another. By experience a neighborhood can be so many other things, they become our definition and understanding of community and family. Where you meet some of your best friends, realize your first crush and get a scar which will lead back to your favorite memory. It is the environment of which we become a product of and the concrete from which we grow. A place you can always call home.

Welcome to the neighborhood.  

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